Improve your eyesight naturally with Leo Angart

We are the Queensland organizers of Leo Angart's Vision Training workshops in Brisbane & the outlet of his books 'Improve Your Eyesight Naturally' and 'Read Again Without Glasses'.

* please note Leo Angart & his Course is not part of the MCKS Institute for Inner Studies work.

The ideas behind Vision Training are simple and common sense. Everyone knows that if you exercise your body you will get healthier. In the same way your body will need a period of retraining if you have been injured or sick for a period of time. Book Online Today

Typical vision problems like myopia, astigmatism, presbyopia etc. are not diseases. They are more like habits of vision. Remember that virtually everyone (more than 98%) are born with perfect vision.

Vision Training is all about how to regain your natural clear vision by doing some simple exercies. It is something just about everyone can do. All it takes is about one hour of your time every day.

The exercises are simple and gentle. There is no surgery involved, nothing you have to buy, nothing you have to take. All you need to do is to practice the exercises and you will notice an improvement in your vision very quickly.

Please note: Vision Training is very different from optometry or ophthalmology.

Check out the Brisbane workshop schedule link 

Leo's website for more information

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