Become a Certified Pranic Healing Practitioner!

´╗┐We often receive enquiries from Pranic Healers on how they can become a Certified Pranic Healer for their professional careers or how they can heal their family and friends with more confidence and knowledge.

Before committing to the program, we encourage students to join our Pranic Healing Study Groups, monthly free Pranic Healing clinics and MCKS’s Twin Hearts Meditation evenings here at the Centre

The Prerequisite for the certification program is Pranic Psychotherapy.

Here, at the Pranic Healing and Meditation Centre we recommend the distance online learning package with www.pranichealingusa.com 

This program is recognised by the Institute for Inner Studies (Philippines) with overall supervision by Master Glenn Mendoza

For more information about this on-line Pranic Healing Certification Program link

Several Pranic Healing Practitioners from our Centre have completed this program and can offer support and guidance as you move through the program.

After completing the Pranic Healing Associate Certification Program you will feel more self-assured to significantly help people with a wide variety of ailments, from physical complaints to psychological ailments including depression, stress and addiction.

Introducing Fara Curlewis

Learn more about the work of Fara Curlewis and Pranic Healing through her series of informative videos.

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