When I see Fara I always get so much more than I could have anticipated from a session. Her experience in energy healing & counselling is so vast and rich. Carol, Healer

Fara has helped me become more centred and grounded and to value and respect myself. Plus she has helped me raise my level of parenting skills and has given me tools to become a stronger person and a much better parent. I highly recommend Fara as a counsellor and Pranic Healer. Sallie, Events Manager

I had no idea what Pranic Healing was and after three sessions my back pain was dramatically alleviated and, for the first time in almost a year, I was able to sleep through the night without waking from pain. I have since seen Fara for other matters and have found her perceptiveness and groundedness remarkable.

Fara empowered me to play a role in my own healing. Shannon, Research Scientist

Fara used a combination of Pranic Healing and counselling and my life has blossomed. I now feel more energised and in control of my life. I have direction and I enjoy a more harmonious relationship with my family. Not only did I experience healing in my body but also a feeling of inner peace.  

I then took the PH courses offered by Fara and now feel I have been blessed with a framework for my spiritual beliefs and the ability to heal myself and my family. Michelle, Teacher

Throughout the four years I have seen Fara I have found her to be extremely passionate, genuine, caring and sincere. Within 24-48 hours after a treatment I always notice a positive shift in my outlook with 'real' and lasting results. Fara has shared simple techniques that I have subtly incorporated into my days.
   Fara has had a marked impact on my life and daily outlook which has resulted in me having more self care, love and approval of myself, happiness, inner peace, self confidence, ability to speak up for myself, compassion & love. She is always seeking and welcomes feedback a couple of days after each treatment, this approach also raises my awareness of the amazing changes/shifts as a result of the recent treatment. Di. Process Specialist


Hi Fara, I did it!!!  I feel soooo free.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! K.U. Business Coach

Hi! Fara, Thanks for taking me through 'The Work' on Tuesday.  It gave me a tool to work with whenever I hve negative thoughts or more serious ones.  I feel a lot better inside. T.Q. Project Manager

My throat is still going well - very impressed! Thank you. E.B Process Analysis

Hi Fara, Thank you again for a great session of learning and sharing of spiritual/life conceptsS.T. Teacher

WOW - Did I say I am willing to change and grow??  Yes, I am kicking and screaming too, wanting to resist, however remembered a discussion about wasted energy and things coming to me at the perfect time and breathing. ... I am much more peaceful now.

Hi Fara, Thanks so much for the session this morning. My feelings are so much lighter, more peaceful and relaxed, and having good dealings with everyone I've come into contact with since! Can’t wait for the next session and chip away at another "weed" :). B.T. Senior Manager, Health


Hi Fara, Thank you so much for the course on the weekend. I enjoyed myself immensely and can't wait for the next one. Honestly I feel SOOOOOOOO good when I'm doing, talking, watching or BEING around all that wonderful "stuff" - it's almost like anything is possible! I also have to say that I really appreciated when you wouldn't let me get away with anything (...like taking credits for the Divine)!!!! T.M. Retail Sales

I hope you are well.  I have read the 'Miracles through Pranic Healing' text book and been practising healing techniques... I really appreciate your style of teaching; serious but fun.  I am quite looking forward to the next course. T.Q.

I've learned so much and have connected so many dots - things are starting to make sense now!!!  Thank you. K.U Business Coach

The Pranic Healing techniques have been truly transformational - both professionally and personally - I am extremely grateful for having the opportunity to learn these techniques through you. All the very best. T.E. University Lecturer

Hello Fara, I had such a great time over the weekend doing the Crystal Course.....and the crystals !!!!! Wow :))))))). C.I. Energy Healer

Amazing! Thank you soooooooooo much Fara.  All my teachings and years of study on spiritual energy have come together in one weekend! What’s the saying?  When the student is ready, the teacher comes.

I have been seeking answers and this weekend you delivered so many of the answers by teaching this course.  Thank you for making it available and i am looking forward to the next one! L.C . Systems Trainer

Introducing Fara Curlewis

Learn more about the work of Fara Curlewis and Pranic Healing through her series of informative videos.

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