The Work of Byron Katie

Allow yourself to end your own suffering with four simple questions.

The Work of Byron Katie is a way of identifying and questioning the thoughts that cause all the fear and suffering in the world. Experience the happiness of undoing those thoughts and allow your mind to return to its true, awakened, peaceful, creative nature.

How can this happen?

Be guided through a simple yet powerful process of inquiry called The Work.
The Work has been developed by Byron Katie
By answering four simple questions you find that your stressful beliefs about life, other people or yourself will radically shift. These four questions allow you to end your suffering and start a life of freedom and joy. People who have done The Work faithfully, report life-changing results within 1-2 sessions or join us in our half day workshops offered 3  times a year. These workshops are for those both new to The Work as well as those who are experienced in this form of inquiry.

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Learn to unlearn the fearful stories you have innocently attached yourself to.
Question: Who would you be without your stressful story?

No longer do we need to argue with life or ourselves… we can “love what is” instead.

During individual sessions or during the workshops you can:

  • Inquire into issues on health, relationships, work, family, finances & the world
  • Discover & transform unhelpful beliefs
  • Experience practical exercises to challenge habitual & destructive thought patterns to find peace & freedom
  • Discover the simplicity of dissolving your struggle
  • Experience the freedom of you without your story

”they shouldn’t think, say or do that; I need more money; I'm too fat; he/she doesn't appreciate me; the world’s not safe.”

Thoughts like these may constantly run through our minds, fostering fear, anger, struggle, stress, loneliness and depression.

How different would your life be if these thoughts never bothered you again?

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Testimonials from recent workshops:

I would like to say thank you so much for a wonderful workshop, it was a first for me, I personally learnt so much about myself and belief systems in general.(CU Administration)

Thanks for another wonderful event facilitated by the endless talents of you! I really got a lot out of watching others go through their worksheets and also noticing what was coming up within me as I watched.(TM mother)

The most significant things I got out of yesterday's workshop was when you talked about "softening" the belief systems. After doing the Work I have sometimes been left feeling a little - "yeah, but my issue is still there". Now I have the understanding that it's not about knocking those beliefs systems out with a hard hand, but rather soaking them in some perspective so they soften and can eventually fall off gently.(TM mother)

 Your “Byron Katie” workshop was extremely interesting and so useful to observe how rapidly and unconsciously we move into the “business of others” (TD University Lecturer)

Introducing Fara Curlewis

Learn more about the work of Fara Curlewis and Pranic Healing through her series of informative videos.

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